boom bust cycle

Boom Bust

With so many businesses pivoting to make hand sanitiser and at the same time numbers for new Covid-19 cases dropping in Australia, I can see the demand for my hand sanitiser product doing a boom bust soon.

It’s taken so long to get new stock made from other companies that there’s a higher chance of me getting stuck with a lot of extra stock. At least it’s not perishable like my other products.

I’ve introduced a new spray as requested by customers which will use up some of my alcohol stock. Hopefully people will be interested in it, but I can already see a reduction in demand as people are less scared of this invisible killer. Of course, demand can change again if measures are loosened and numbers go up. From the sake of humanity, I don’t wish this even if it would be better for selling these products.

Instead, I just have to keep moving with new products that people want as I face boom bust cycles during these uncertain times.

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