Canberra Weekly Article: Plastic not Fantastic

I’m grateful for this article in Canberra Weekly this week. Some of the information is a little off in terms of what The Refoundry is doing right now, but that’s okay. It’s actually inspiring me to keep going with the recycled plastic projects while I’m really focussed on Harvestcare right now.

Mindful Business podcast

It was great to be a part of Leekei Tang’s podcast about entrepreneurs trying to building purpose focussed businesses. Leekei is based in Paris, France, and she spends much of her time helping fashion businesses.

We talked about many of my lessons learned so far since starting The Refoundry.

Making Great Products from Recycled Plastics by Tammy Ven Dange (part 1)

In today’s episode, we have the great pleasure to talk to Tammy Ven Dange, a social entrepreneur based in Australia. Tammy is the founder and CEO of the Refoundry which mission is to help Mother Nature by making great products from recycled plastics and to create a demand for this material that may otherwise go to landfill or into waterways.