Options for setting up my website

Had a chat with a website development company that a contact recommended. I’m concerned already because they didn’t keep any of their promises over the last few weeks of contacting me when they said they would. I think that I’m too small for their attention even though they tried to convince me otherwise.

I mapped out my website needs for both my company and product line earlier today, I think that I can do most everything myself via WordPress and Shopify. This will save a ton of money.

Picked a company name

After considering a huge number of potential corporate names over the last 24 hours, I finally picked one: The Refoundry. I applied for a sole trader ABN just so I could get the domain names.

Met with a friend of mine that works in the building industry and asked her about products that might be better in recycled plastic rather than wood or metal. She pointed out quite a few, but we both know that other manufacturers are already making these. She did like my consumer product ideas though.