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It’s been about 18 months since I released my final episode of the “Plastics Revolution” podcast. While I really loved that format of communications and networking, I did find it incredibly time-consuming. Furthermore, with such a niche topic based in Australia, I was finding it harder to identify good guests to interview.

Since then I have been thinking about a new show with a broader audience, and especially one that I could at least partially connect to my other business, Roundbox Consulting. So, I’m very excited to unveil my new podcast, “Executive with a Cause.” The first episode will be coming out at the end of April.

Tammy Ven Dange

About the Show: Executive with a Cause

We often know the “WHY” of a purpose-driven organisation. However, on this show, I chat with Not for Profit and Social Enterprise leaders as we uncover the “HOW” – the nuts and bolts of what it really takes to run them well.

How do they balance financial sustainability with their mission? What tools do they use to run their operations? What lessons have they learned as people leaders?

In Australia alone, there are an estimated 600,000 Not for Profits. When you add social enterprises and the global scale of purpose-driven organisations in general, there are a lot of people trying to do great things.

My desire is to share stories to help others better run their operations so that their missions can also thrive.

Launch Date:

We’re currently recording shows with CXO-level leaders in Not for Profits or Social Enterprises with the plan to start releasing them at the end of April. Thankfully, I have a full production and editing team helping me out this time. So, we plan to release the shows on a weekly basis without burning me out this time!

Do you know a great “Executive with a Cause?”

I love it when people provide me with guest recommendations. While they may not always be right for this show or at this time, I do maintain a list. In fact, I’m already lining up guests that were identified for my last show and never made it to the interview stage. So, if you know a great “Executive with a Cause,” feel free to drop me a recommendation.

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