First active hospitality order

This has been a big week already. Not only did I get my first products that I have ever made from scratch to a customer, I also had my first active hospitality order.

I say “active” as I already had the hotel pilot scheduled for back in April, but that was is still on hold until their occupancy returns to normal. What I have found is that the smaller venues like at bed and breakfasts locations are already full again.

And so, I just received my first “active” hospitality order from my friends at Tallagandra Hill Winery. They have three stand-alone cabins on their site.

Tallagandra Hill Winery
Tallagandra Hill Winery

And while, I really want to eventually sell the single use, aluminium tins in the longer term, it’s not profitable yet until I can really get significant scale. So, I am glad they choose the big bottle option instead for the moment.

Here’s to more business as the Covid-19 restrictions lift and people start travelling again to boost the hospitality industry.

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