First Harvestcare order

Yesterday, I just received my first official order for my big bottle, all natural hair and body care line called Harvestcare. It’s from my mates over at Local Press.

While they had expressed interest before, they didn’t actually put in an order, and I didn’t press for it since the hotel line has great priority at the moment. Nevertheless, it’s not too hard to sell these products too when I already have the base ingredients and only have to change the packaging.

The big challenge right now is with the cost of both the conditioner and lotion which is costing me twice the price of the other products. Furthermore, because there’s a massive bottleneck in the import process because of the coronavirus, I’m having to purchase packaging from wholesalers in Australia rather than direct from the manufacturer in China – i.e. twice the cost too!

So, while I won’t make much money (if any) on these first few orders of both Harvestcare and my hotel line, it’s still progress. And for that I am extremely grateful.

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