Personal Life vs Professional Life

I think one of the most obvious differences between most jobs and being an entrepreneur is the blending of personal and professional life.  It’s not always easy to tell where a work day starts or ends when you own your own business.

In this way, I suppose that it’s similar to the job requirements of the CEO role I had at my last job.  However, since I work primarily from home at the moment, the roles are greyer than ever for me.

From a useful perspective, I noticed almost immediately when my 17 year old cat started showing signs of a health problem yesterday afternoon. It prompted me to take her to the vet right away. The vet knew me from my previous job, and before I knew it we were talking about my new business as the first product line deals with animals – blending the lines again.

Thankfully my cat is feeling better now after the vet visit.  I lost a good part of the afternoon worrying about her, but was able to make up for the lost time by working into the late night.  To be truthful, that too isn’t much different than my last job.

Maybe a work/life balance really is a myth.  It’s just called life.

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