Still waiting for Lockdown to end

Canberra has been in Lockdown for about two months, and I’m still waiting (like many others) to physically sell products again for Harvestcare. Thankfully, my consulting work has been keeping me very busy and fed in the meantime.

This waiting period is not just about the ability to trade after Lockdown ends though. It’s also a decision I need to make about the future of that brand and The Refoundry in general.

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While I definitely didn’t start this business at the greatest of times, it still hasn’t generated a profit. And to be frankly honest, my interest in it has faded as I realised that I am not best positioned to solve the plastic waste problem in this way.

If anything, this time of testing ideas has proven to me that there are people and businesses far more qualified, better skilled and funded to make products that reduce plastic waste than I am. Furthermore, regular readers of this blog will know how torn I’ve been about the amount of waste Harvestcare actually creates in our manufacturer process.

If we were able to see the hotel product line past the pilot stage, I would likely feel differently. At the same time, had I made that significant investment just before this longer Lockdown began, I would have been in real financial difficulties. Thank goodness I paid attention to my intuition back then to wait a little longer.

Lockdown ending

As the government talks about ending Lockdown in the next month, I’ll have more opportunities for selling Harvestcare via my stockists and markets again. Still, should I continue with this business endeavor?

Stay tuned.

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