Surge in “Potions” Activities

As I’m feeling pretty frustrated with my recycled plastics side of the business, it’s been a good week on the other side with a surge in “Potions” activities.

“Potions” has always been my personal nickname for the various hair and bodycare products in the Business. Since it covers a few brands including Harvestcare and the various hotel labels that we have developed, it’s just easier to say that.

This week, we’ve had some great sales activities happen:

  • Received our first order from a business that we didn’t cold call first;
  • Received several restocks from existing customers;
  • Accepted into the Handmade Canberra virtual markets over Christmas; and
  • Confirmed the delivery dates for our hotel pilot to begin 12 October.

While business is picking up, the supply chain challenges related mostly to Covid are killing me. I’m still waiting on pumps for the bottles (month 3 and holding). Now, my other supplier for tins is out. And I can’t package the hotel pilot products because we’re waiting on some ingredients.

Needless to say, I’m crossing my fingers and toes that things will arrive soon as I’m nearly out of everything that I stockpiled months ago. Furthermore, it’s a crappy use of my time to bottle just one order at a go which is what I have to do at the moment to mitigate these shortages.

To finally have a lot more orders but shortages in my supply chain makes me want to swear – something I’ve been doing a lot of lately! Still, great to the surge in “Potions” activities this week.

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