Fast Eats Big for Breakfast

I was recently reading the Thankyou social enterprise story in a book called “Chapter 1.” One of the quotes that was repeated over and over again was the ability for a young, agile company to beat larger competitors with their speed i.e. “Fast Eats Big for Breakfast.”

Don’t get me wrong as my business isn’t even eating burnt toast yet. Still, when I look back to our start so far, I can see that we’re actually moving really fast now that I’m fully committed.

The first time I spoke to a potential investor about my idea was in a casual conversation was just two months ago – 3 April 2019 to be exact.

I applied for an ABN about three weeks later (23 April). Then, a fortnight after that I received some market research feedback that loudly confirmed the need for my products (6 May).

Late Monday, I received the CAD drawings from my designer (an uni student). And today, I just submitted them to one of the two Australian manufacturers that I am considering. I’m just waiting for the NDA to be signed before I send them to the second company.

I also confirmed today with Social Traders that my business model would qualify for certification under their process as a for-profit, social enterprise.

When I saw a friend tonight at a networking event, and I gave her an update she remarked about how much I have done since the last time I saw her. The reality is that I feel like this product development process is taking forever, and I’m always waiting for something to be done by someone else.

Looking back at my journal entries, I realise now that perhaps I’m being a little too hard on myself and others. Still, if fast beats big for breakfast… I don’t see a good reason to slow down now!