Manufacturer #3 onboard

Finally received the signed NDA from Manufacturer #3. I was starting to give up, thinking that I was too small for them. I sent them the rough CAD design for Product #2 and asked for a phone call to discuss it further.

Received the first draft of my Product #3 design. Wow! This crazy idea is feeling more like a real business every day.

First view of Product #2

Saw first CAD design of Product #2. Looks amazing when compared to my horrible hand drawings. Provided feedback to my designer for some changes. Because I don’t know what the technical terms are for the various parts, I questioned the use of “toaster and bread” connection pieces versus the “hotdog and bun” connectors we had discussed earlier. I’m sure he’s laughing at me!

Also, provided design changes feedback for my extra product logos. They look great.

Hired a young product designer

Met with a university student that a friend recommended for some design work. He seemed to “get it,” and he has previous experience by working with his father who is a metal fabricator. I think he’ll be great. I love working with young, hungry minds. I’ve asked him to start drawing Product #2 because I think it will be the easiest to manufacturer.