CBRIN Women in Innovation Article

Tammy Ven Dange

A huge thanks to the Canberra Business Innovation Network for doing a feature story on me last week.

Co-working space

Today was my first day to rent out some co-working space at the Canberra Business Innovation Network (CBRIN) building. My primary reason was to have better internet access for my remote podcast interviews. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really the case today which may have more to do with the neighbouring bushfires than anything else.

View from my co-working space at CBRIN today

Still I decided to give it a go for a month just once a week. I don’t need the workspace when I have a full office at home, but I do think there are many other benefits here including networking and focussed work time where I don’t have to worry about my old cat interrupting me at bad times.

So far, it’s been a productive day!