Annoying masculine legal-ese

I’ve been waiting for the new Australian financial year to begin on 1 July before I incorporate the business. I did this to avoid time-consuming tax paperwork when I haven’t sold anything yet. So, with July now only two days away, today I worked on the company’s constitution (the company rules).

The easier way of doing this would have been to pay for an online package like with Legal Zoom or Clear Docs. I’ve had a company before, and I used a similar service then. However, because this is a social enterprise, I needed to add some additional clauses which aren’t standard, but lawyers are obviously expensive.

Since I already had a Constitution from the previous company, I decided to use that as a template. What I didn’t realise was how annoyingly masculine that document was. So, of course I had to change it. Example below:

I cringed every time I read the word, “he.” I ended up using the more neutral, “they” as a wrote the new constitution, but I was seriously tempted to use “she” just to watch a new male director cringe the way that I did. In fact, I may still do that just for fun! 😉