Minimum viable manufacturing

Spoke to a former colleague who is a manufacturing expert. I asked him – what’s the minimum, viable manufacturing capability he would recommend? He said, one machine that’s flexible and able to do small batches because Australia does not have the demand to keep a bigger machine at capacity. He also warned me about the price of moulds. I had no idea that they could be in the 6 figures for some.

He just reiterated my view that I should outsource my manufacturing (at least for now). I still have way too much to learn which makes the risk intolerable for me personally and to any potential investor

Precious Plastic

Found a wonderful not-for-profit called Precious Plastic. They have figured out how to make small batch products from recycled plastic using simple machines that they have built from spare parts you can find at the tip. And… they have given away all their designs for free so that others can do something too. Brilliant and generous! These are the kinds of people who are changing the world! And, I learned so much about the plastics manufacturing processes by watching their simple videos – so much better than generic manufacturing ones I’ve already viewed.

I would love to have access to some of these machines. I’m not that mechanically inclined to make them myself even if I have the blueprints. But, wouldn’t it be great to do something like this at a city scale so that entrepreneurs could make great things by keeping plastic out of the landfill?