Putting on my big girl panties

There’s no doubt that I’m stressed as I get closer to my crowdfunding launch date. So, I’ve been trying to fill my brain with things that will keep my mind positive and hopeful – essentially reminders to keep “putting on my big girl panties.”

big girl panties
Putting on my “Big Girl Panties”

One of the books I’m reading is from David Goggins titled, Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds. Any person who is willing to endure three Navy Seal boot camps in a calendar year despite injuries and fear of water, is a hero to me. The most inspirational part was learning how he used his horrendous, childhood memories to turn his body and mind into unbreakable machines.

When things were tough when I was younger, my mother used to remind me that, “we’re still better off then many.” I’m not sure that Goggins could’ve said that at any point of his childhood, and yet look what he’s managed to do. He’s an example of true toughness and what we are all capable of when our “why” is important enough, and we’re willing to give anything to reach a dream.

So, today as I stress about everything that is going wrong and could go wrong with my new business, I’ll keep “putting on my big girl panties.” I can only try to be as tough as Goggins (in my own way) as I push forward with my own goals.

Guess What Mom? I Started Another Business!

I finally told my parents last night that I started another business. I wasn’t trying to keep this news from them. In fact, I was surprised in our conversation when I realised that they didn’t know.

Living across the world from them means that I only see my family twice a year if I’m lucky. And, lately, our joint attention and conversations have been paid to my new nephew.

My parents, particularly my father, have always been supportive of my entrepreneurial spirit. However, their own livelihood is dependent on me now. So, I can’t afford to go broke at this stage in my life.

After that video call, I felt compelled to look at job ads again. Am I being stubborn and selfish by not just taking a job? Am I actually putting my new business at more risk by working on it full-time now rather than starting it as a side-hustle?

Most people would say yes. However, when I look at all the jobs being advertised, I can only picture a life of uninteresting, frustrating work and long days.  Yes, I get paid well when I do work for others.  However, the kinds of roles I usually have are all-consuming for me.  That’s one reason why I have rarely been able to job search while still employed – I just can’t focus on both activities at the same time.

If I took a job now, I feel like I would be taking the easy route and basically give up on this dream –  accepting a life of “good enough.”  I wouldn’t have the time, energy or headspace to start a business like this if I did go back to work for others. 

No! Despite the risk, right now I just have to push ahead and know that I will know the answers when I get to the next major decision points. I can think about all the things that could go wrong. BUT…

What if I am right?