Deloading Phase

Right now, I’m mostly waiting – waiting for my product prototypes to be designed, waiting for the new Financial Year to formally incorporate my new social enterprise, waiting for certain deadlines to apply for grants, waiting, waiting, waiting. And I’m just not that good at waiting.

So rather than having a pity party, I’ve decided to spent as much time right now studying and planning for the future of the business.  As author Tim Ferris would say, this is my “deloading phase.”  I’m reading as many books on my “to read” list right now, and creating plans.

Plans for testing the product, plans for the product launch, plans for cashflow, plans for future employees, plans for marketing on a budget.  Many people would say that I’m rich to have some much “thinking time” on my hands right now.  So, I keep reminding myself not to waste this valuable resource.  Today I plan because soon I will be crazy busy again.