Ugh…preparing tender docs for the manufacturers

I realised late last night that I need to give the three manufacturers more than just design documents if I want to get apple to apple comparison quotes and everything else I need from them. Fortunately, I used to write tender documents for the government and large companies early in my career. Unfortunately, I never liked writing them. Sigh… Nevertheless, this will have to be my primary focus over the next few days while I’m waiting for the last product design to be completed.

Design workshop for Product #1

Design workshop on Product #1 today with my uni student designer and mechanically-minded friend. I think we sorted a decent solution, but will test it with manufactures.

Good chat with Manufacturer #4. Sent him a NDA so that he can bid on work too.

It struck me really hard this afternoon that there’s a chance that I can’t make these products at a reasonable price in Australia at any quantity. This is what happened with my previous tea company where I was being forced to package it elsewhere. Is it worth continuing if I have to outsource the work to China and screw the social mission of using Australia recycled plastic? Most people would tell me yes.

I hope to know the estimated product and set-up costs in the next two weeks. In the meantime, I’ll slow down my spending on the company until I know for sure. Last night, I just spent another $2k on a premium domain I really needed. Fingers and toes crossed that the product manufacturing costs are in line with my budget projections.