It’s a go!

Received back 43 market surveys within 3 hours of it being posted on that Facebook group’s page – almost all very positively in favour of my product idea (#1), and just as many were willing to test my prototype. They also brought up a need for a Product #3 in the survey results. How can I not do this if so many people are looking (and in some cases begging) for these types of solutions?

Bought the business and product domains that I think I’ll need. I’m into this business with both feet now. I feel certain that I can help both people and the environment now.

Women entrepreneurs networking

Attended a women’s entrepreneur networking lunch. There were so many interesting women doing amazing things. One trait that seemed interesting to me – most of their businesses were purpose-driven even if not set up as a social enterprise.

Tough day

I haven’t heard back from the Facebook group since I sent them the survey. It’s doing my head in because despite doing months of research and initial actions towards this business idea, I still don’t feel like I have fully validated the need. What if I’m just wasting my time?

I also haven’t heard anything from that circular economy company that said I was going to have a 2nd interview. They won’t reply which is honestly SHIT especially since I offered to fly to Sydney on my dime to meet their CEO!

I finally took a hike up Mt. Ainslie around 3pm and feel so much better now. I must make sure to get my daily endorphins, especially when I’m having a bad day.

Learning via Google searches

Product/market research continues. I feel like the majority of my time is spent on Google these days. It feels wasteful, but I don’t know a faster way to learn about this industry and potential business opportunities.

Job opp in the circular economy

Did a phone interview for the first and only job I’ve applied for in the circular economy. It went well, and they said that they would recommend me for a 2nd interview. The problem – it would be a huge pay cut from any job I’ve had for the last 15 years, and a step backwards in terms of role. However, it’s a way in to learn more about the industry. So, I told them that I’m still interested because of the learning opportunity.

In fact, in my head I was thinking that less responsibility means that I will still have the brain power to do this business as a side-hustle.

There are always bad days too as an entrepreneur

Tough head space day. I’m so sick of doing research! I just wish the universe would give me some confirmation that I’m heading in the right direction – that my next “purpose” is right around the corner.

Start a business and/or get a job?

I attended an event to hear a local panel of successful entrepreneurs talk about their businesses and how they got started. It’s motivating to know that it’s possible to grow something big and meaningful locally.

I saw a job ad for a middle manager role in the circular economy industry – first one that I’ve seen. I think I can provide them with real value too. I’ll go ahead and apply since it could help me learn about this industry faster if I get it.

Being an “expert” in change

I was invited to be a guest speaker for a work group to talk about “Change” today. It’s funny that people think of me for this topic. I do take more risks than most, especially when it comes to my career choices. Still, it’s a lot easier to talk about change than to do it. My change – this current “looking for purpose again” change is hard right now.

I want to make stuff

I think that I want to create a company that makes things out of recycled plastic – to avoid things going to landfill and waterways. What kind of products would I make? Not completely sure. It seems like recycled plastic is mostly used for making industrial or outdoor parts like roof tiles, outdoor tiles and furniture – at least here in Australia. There must be some restrictions as to what you can use the product for? More research to do.

Waste in the Fashion Industry

Registered for the Circular Fashion conference in Melbourne. There seems to be a lot of textile waste going to landfill, and I don’t know that much about this industry. I wonder if there might be some business opportunities in this space?