How to know if you need a day off?

After working so hard on the launch for so long, I really thought that I was feeling pretty good despite it. However, two things have happened in the last 24 hours that tell me that I need a day off – a rest day.

First, I forgot I had groceries in the car yesterday and had to toss it all away. This happened a couple of months ago too.

Then I was scheduled to do a podcast interview today and had to toss the whole interview away because of way too many technical issues. Part of it was my fault, and part of it was because of the venue I chose to record the interview. I found myself stuttering with my questions way more than normal too.

I felt so bad afterwards for wasting my guest’s time that I offered to do some graphic design work for free that I knew they needed done.

So tonight, I had a massage and now have written a checklist to force myself to go through about 7 steps before starting each interview. I think I’ve also identified a better venue.

I’ve been working such crazy hours for so long now that I really don’t know how to switch off other than going to bed. Exercise used to be my other outlet, but I’ve been recovering from an injury since June which has limited my activities drastically. Hopefully the MRI on Monday will give me a way forward to recover.

Ultimately, I think I need a day off, and honestly I’m struggling to do that because I forgot how to turn off my business brain. I might just need a little bit of help from my friends once again.