Volunteering to find my tribe

I was a mentor for the environmental hackathon today. There was one group that was looking at waste. The other ones seemed to be more interested in green energy. Hopefully, the groups felt that my business advice was useful. I don’t feel any closer to finding my tribe though.

Finding my Tribe

Met with a friend who works with social enterprises today. I told her what I wanted to do (stake in the ground), but I wasn’t sure where to start. She suggested that I needed to find my “tribe.” It so happens that there is an environmentally focussed hackathon coming up, and they are looking for mentors. She suggested that I apply to help out.

I applied for the hackathon mentor role tonight. I also started doing some research on the ACT Goverment’s Waste Management Strategy. Seems like I should first understand what’s going into the local landfill right now and expand my knowledge from there