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A few months ago, I decided to start a business to make products out of recycled plastic. As a long-time paddler of boats and boards, I was sick of seeing plastic in the waterways no matter where I was in the world.

With the recent ban of imported plastic by China, India and other Asian countries, it was clear that this plastic problem was going to get worse. We simply didn’t manufacturer enough things out of recycled plastic here in Australia to offset the amount we used every day.

That’s why I started The Refoundry.

I was clueless about how to get started in the manufacturing business, but I started documenting my journey from the very beginning. You can go back and read my old journal entries on this site.

I’m still pretty clueless about the manufacturing business, but I’m learning more each day. By subscribing, you’re now a part of this journey to my craziest career change ever.

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