The time consuming task of content creation

Lately I have been spending a huge amount of time preparing content while I’m waiting for my manufacturer to do their bits. The easy thing to do would be to share other news and articles from others which I have done a little bit. However, it’s more important right now to create original content too.

In my last job, I had a full-time person that basically did this for social media and some publicity. I supplemented that by writing position pieces and being the “talent” for media. Now, that I’m trying to do everything myself, I find that I’m spending on average from 6-8 hours a day on it.

Part of it is a personal branding exercise that I am working through at the same time. If you Google my name, it’s all associated with my last job. This makes it really, really hard to move into a new industry if people only know me for my past work. As such, I have been working on daily opinion pieces in various sources to try to move forward.

At the same time, I’m trying to build content for the Refoundry while still learning about the recycled industry myself. It took me two hours to finally make a 2 minute video because 1) my thoughts were not clear enough; and 2) I couldn’t find a good place in my home to shoot the video.

I need to find ways to speed up my process for content creation. I’m sure some of it will get easier as I become more knowledgeable, but right now it is very time consuming.

I’m heading overseas in the morning to spend some time with family. My blog posts will likely slow down a bit during that time, but I hope to also get a lot of work done on the plane.

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