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But what if it works?

I was so frustrated last week after seeing revenue projections that I decided to take the week off. I know these actions go against normal wisdom. Nevertheless, I felt like I needed to take a break to 1) recharge after a very stressful and non-stop work period; and 2) rest my brain so that I might get a better view of the possibilities.

So, I didn’t publish any podcasts. I didn’t do any admin work. I only fulfilled orders and a my daily social media posts. The rest of the time I read and slept and exercised.

Did I come out of this with new found wisdom?

Actually, no – although I did do a little market research around a new idea which I ended up killing fairly quickly. Then, I decided that maybe I was thinking about it too much.

For the next few months, I only have one plausible source of revenue through the Harvestcare brand. It still won’t add up to enough, but what I can do is build a solid base for this consumer line during this time.

Maybe I will have to go back to work for someone else in a few months time because the travel industry takes too long to recover. But maybe, just maybe something good can happen too.

I just need to keep taking steps forward and see where it takes me. The alternative is to be a bum and do nothing while I wait for the environment to change. By doing something, at least I have a chance of progress even if in tiny steps. And who knows – what if it works?

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