Whirlwind of a week

It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a week as I moved as fast as I could to pivot to a B2C model for my hair and body care line which I affectionately call “potions” in my internal dialogue.

The good news is that the website is up, and I managed to do everything but fix a DNS domain issue by myself within 2 days. I’m pretty proud of how professional it looks despite my hasty build.

harvestcare.com.au front page

I’ve also sold quite a bit of stock this week, especially the hand sanitiser as anticipated where I’m completely sold out. Even better, amongst that order I’ve also landed in a 2nd retailer and potentially a small hair salon. Plus at that salon, they are going to trial my recycled polyester cape.

I’m probably only averaging about $2/hour right now for my efforts, but in such a strange way, it feels way more fulfilling than when I used to pull in 50+ times more at a job. In fact, I’m actually having fun in this time of chaos!

I don’t know yet how to scale it. I certainly can’t make-package-sell-deliver everything myself over the long term. However, given the Covid-19 lock down, I have some time to figure this out, and so am just focussing on one day at a time right now.

Here’s to more “fun” and another whirlwind week ahead!

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