Who in the world sticks to schedule?

This week has reminded me why project managers exist. I mean, without them, who in the world sticks to a schedule?

Since my NASA days, I’m constantly surprising people when I push for schedules to be met. I just don’t understand why it’s a surprise though.

My way of managing people is to ask them when they can get it done, and then I simply expect them to meet that time frame once they set it, or to at least inform me in advance if they can’t make it.

Unfortunately, I’m still playing schedule master in my own business. And where there are dependencies, I’ll push one contractor or business even harder. Right now, I have a huge problem with the carpenter I hired to build my display hasn’t finished it. I should have known better as he’s been late for every single meeting or call since he first expressed interest in the work. Still, with a shortage of tradies in this city, he was indeed the only one who responded to my request.

I have photo and video shoots dependent on this display, and I can’t just cancel them without payment ramifications. Furthermore, I’m supposed to be launching a crowdfunding campaign in 10 days that needs all this stuff done.

So, now I’m stuck late on a Friday night of a 3 day weekend with a carpenter who has yet to hit his own schedule even once. Looks like I’ll be begging some friends to borrow their tools and garage on Monday if he doesn’t come through tomorrow because otherwise I’m F*CKED! And it’s not like I have the right skills to build this display in the first place.

I’m already started to look at the job ads again because I’m stressed. I don’t need anymore challenges in making this successful fundraising effort. It’s hard enough already.

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