Why entrepreneurs work on weekends

It’s Sunday apparently. I only know because I get less emails on Sunday. Otherwise, Sundays often feel the same as any other day of the week to me. I’m sure that I’m not alone. In fact, I bet that most start-up entrepreneurs work on weekends.

The definition of a start-up is a newly established business. Cash flow is almost always tight when you start a business and especially if you want a paycheck from it anytime soon. However, if investors are involved, there’s also an expectation of fast and exponential growth.

Both of these motivators (a paycheck and investors’ expectations) make very much aware of time, and how I use it right now. And so, I work on weekends.

But I don’t do it begrudgingly.

Working weekends
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I still managed to go to a dinner party last night, as well as fit in a workout both days. I considered a morning hike yesterday with some friends, but decided to skip it because I’m still getting over an injury and frankly – it was really cold!

To be honest, without something like that to keep me occupied, I’ll be thinking about the business the whole time anyway. It’s not necessarily just my task list, but also the big goals that keep my brain occupied.

So many interesting things are happening in the plastic recycling and waste management space right now that I can barely keep up with the news.

Today in fact, I spent hours putting together a response to the ACT Government’s discussion paper regarding the phasing out of single-use plastics. You can read it here.

Initially, I wasn’t going to respond. However, after the urging of a contact and more thought, I realised that I do have something unique to add to the debate. In a weird way, it’s exciting to know that my own business can be apart of the solution even though this is why the social enterprise exists in the first place.

So, as I write this late on Sunday night, I’m energised and still thinking. If this is my start-up life, I’m pretty happy with it.

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